LABOUR GROUP has a variety of experts in all the areas of employment law as well as employment best practise that  will be available to a member for consultation, advice as well as taking control of certain functions of a business.


Labour Group is totally committed to:

Collectively protecting the rights of employers

Create development and growth amongst our members and the community at large

Professionally support employers in the HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT field

Collectively bargain better group schemes / benefits on behalf of members

In doing so, we will continuously develop our resources to successfully achieve our goals regardless of race, colour or creed.
We pledge to serve with integrity, honesty, loyalty, dedication and perseverance.
As leaders, believing in excellence, our superior services will urge our competitors to follow.
Through this, we will contribute in the creation of a better future for South Africa.
    In God we trust in the realization of our endeavours

provides the following services:

• Conducting a full personnel audit

• Inspect and rectify service contracts in terms of legislation or the applicable sectors’ bargaining council

• Do personnel file audits and rectify – Leave, sick leave, disciplinary record, etc 

• The design of advertisements for higher positions in the company

• Assistance to the member in the recruitment of new employees in higher positions

• Assistance to the member in the selection and testing of new employees 

• To act as personnel advisor

• Propound a human resources policies

• Co-ordinate a human resources management committee

• To identify conflict indicators and addressing conflict identified 

• To draw up an organogram and maintaining it

• Draw up job descriptions

• Analyse the job requirements for positions in the company

• To implement a job grading system for remuneration purposes

• To assist the member with performance appraisals and critical performance areas 

• Advising the member on the handling of misconduct by employees

• Chairing and / or attending to Disciplinary- and Appeal Hearings

• Handling incapacity meetings and negotiating the retrenchment process in terms of operational requirements

• Negotiating recognition agreements with Unions on behalf of a MEMBER

• Attending to and negotiating wages and conditions of employment with Unions

• Representation of a MEMBER at any Bargaining Council and / or the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration(Conciliations, Arbitrations, Rescission Applications, Review Applications, etc.)  

• To draw up a skills development plan and forward it to the applicable Seta for the purposes of claiming Grant A

• To assist where agreed upon with the implementation of the skills development plan and to submit an annual training report and forward it to the Seta (Grant B).

• To claim any discretionary grants from the Seta if applicable

• To implement a skills development policy and to chair the skills development committee

• To act as skills development facilitator on behalf of the member at the Seta.

• Propound an employment equity policy

• To act as chairman of the employment equity committee

• To complete and submit employment equity reports to the Department of Labour 

• To designate a health & safety manager in terms of legislation

• The implementation of a health & safety policy

• Chairperson of the health & safety committee

• Do audits for purposes of compliance to the Occupational Health and Safety Act

• Propound emergency procedures, Personal Protective Equipment standards, etc. for reasons of compliance to the OH&S Act

• Do hazard identifications and risk assessments in order to address risks as prescribed by the OH&S Act. 



- To take full control and responsibility for the payroll of the company

- Payslips o Transfer money into Bank Accounts o SARS EMP 201

- UI19





96 Cambridge Street
Bethlehem - 9701 


Phone: 058 303 2222 - 058 303 2233